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10 responses to “Testimonials”

  1. I, Terry Hayes, a resident at St. Joe Manor, have developed lasting friendships with some of the staff, from wound care to nursing and administration. They have taken care of me in a loving and professional manner for several years. I love it here.

  2. I, Barbara Gray, a resident at St. Joe Manor, feels that St. Joe Manor is a very good place to live. I feel at home and I love the staff and I know they love me too. I like my surroundings. I have a very nice room and I am surrounded by a bunch of nice people. I always have the help I need.

  3. I, Malisha Candies, live in Assisted Living at St. Joe Manor. This is the best place I have ever resided. They are so good to me and I feel so loved and cared for every day.

  4. My Name is Mark Kellenberger. I have been a resident in Assisted Living at St. Joe Manor since arriving on september 20, 2021. The care that I have received from the adminsitration and staff has allowed for an easy transition. I feel at home here. I have been fortunate to meet several residents who are now my friends. I have enjoyed my time here so much and I intend to stay at St. Joe Manor.

  5. Hi, my name is Donald Gray. My mother lives at St. Joe Manor. When I walk through the halls, they are always clean and smells nice. Whenever I enter her room, I see that she is clean and always has fresh linens on her bed. My mother always talks about how well she is taken care of and how well she likes the staff. She frequently has a smile on her face due to her care. When I visit my mother, the staff is always so polite and courteous to us both. When we need something, it is done right away or in a timely manner. I am overall very pleased with the care that my mother receives at St. Joe Manor. Lastly I feel very confident that I have put my mother into the best nursing center.

  6. My name is April Lee. I feel that at St. Joe Manor I am working for a company that is challenging and rewarding every day. I have great pleasure to be employed where there is friendship, compassion, excellent leadership and devotion to our welfare. At this facility, we are not only co-workers, we are family. Our residents are the number one priority. As a certified nursing assistant, we are the resident’s family.. There is something special about this job. Our residents need us and we do not only care for them, we care about them as well. I take pride in my job and in my work. I love this facility, my co-workers and, of course my residents.

  7. I, Brenda Hill LPN and certified wound nurse, am working at St. Joe Manor. Working here is like being around family. That includes my co-workers and my residents. It is truly like being at home.

  8. My name is Diane Stevens. I have been at St. Joe Manor for 2 and a half years in various positions. We have a great facility with all private rooms, nice seating areas and a full library. Our staff is very friendly. we take good care of our residents and feel like family. This is the best place that I have worked.

  9. My name is Christine Green. I am the front lobby receptionist. This job was offered to me 14 months ago. I love my job because I enjoy the residents and staff I work with. I also get to meet family who comes to visit their loved one. One of the things I love about St. Joe Manor is the staff and residents who make you feel like we are one big family. My father also lives here. I know he is being taken care of while living here and his need are being met. I do not have to worry about anything. He gets 3 meals a day, medication is administered by the staff as ordered. The administrator and staff make his stay here like being at home. I would highly recommend St. Joe Manor for your loved ones, whether short or long term.

  10. September 1, 2022
    Dear Ms. Greco and St. Joe Staff,

    Thank you for sending the memory stone for my Mom’s Funeral service on 8/20. It is beautiful and we appreciate your thoughtfulness.

    I wanted to also say thank you to the staff for caring for my Mom since she moved into St. Joe skilled nursing in November 2020. She moved in while your facility was still under covid lockdown. It was difficult time for my Mom and my family. However, I realize it was also a difficult time for your facility and staff. Covid presented a new set of challenges and obstacles, but I believe your staff and facility handled it the best you could. Even with staffing shortages and vaccination drama, your facility was always very clean. That never went unnoticed by me.

    The end for my Mom came pretty quick. She too a turn on 8/1 and passed on 8/8. In that week, I got to briefly know Courtney and Kaleena. Those women were the angels to my Mom that I appreciated everything they did for her. Please find a way to reward or recognize them. I also want to give thanks to Kare, Adam, Mariah, Rosie, Rachel and Greg. I suppose most people would say, “they were just doing their jobs”. But I know their jobs are not easy and I suspect a word of thanks is rarely heard. They care for my Mom with compassion and concern and saying “thank you” is the least I can do. Please pass my thanks along to them.

    My Mom’s experience at St. Joe was very positive and I am forever grateful. That was due to the staff members I mentioned and above and I know many others that I did not get the chance to meet.

    Sincere thanks and kind regards,
    Danielle Moskop (Mary’s Daughter)
    The family of Mary Courtios (Skilled Nursing, 600 Hall)

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